Ideamart Internship

All these stuff started off with a simple message from one of friends called “Pasindu” aka “Loku Pasindu”. Which led me to posted a link

about a simulator I had developed a month a ago. Before that I had answered developer question on Facebook Ideamart group and was an active member. I got a message from a Roshanth Gardiarachchi saying that there were recruiting intern and whether I wanted one. I was only 6 months in to my degree but started my Internship.

Ideamart ?

Is part of Dialog, where it expose it’s capabilities to third party developers to make application.

Why Ideamart was a great place to be a intern

There are couple of things that Ideamart has

  • Events - hackathons, CSR, outreach etc.
  • Money
  • Small application that are used by many users
  • Third party developers
  • Clients
  • Fun Team


Ideamart holds many events and goes to many universities to evangelise. I got the opportunity to help organize two hackathons and competitions ( UOM hackathon, code ultimatum and Digit Ideamart competition ), went to many universities and schools ( Moratuwa, Japura, Sabaragamuwa, NSBM, NIBM Galle, St Thomas ). Ideamart also work with other organizations like Ray Of Hope, Adopt a Dog Foundation, SOS children’s village etc.


In Ideamart when you develop a application like a charity donation app, people are going to use it next day, because there is a short time from development to live production. When you see that it works and people are really donating it feels awesome.But what if you commented the line of code that actually debits the money from the user?, you see your mistake in real time and you know much money your application lost, which is eye opening. It other companies you have no idea after you put it to live production or by the time it is live you have already left or have no idea about what you have done.

Small Applications

Ideamart applications are pretty small less than 200 - 300 lines of code and development time from 5mins to 2 hours. My first big Ideamart app was called “Big App” you may have used it or seen it. I also developed a simple real time counter and graph, which was amazing first time I looked at it I couldn’t imagine what I was seeing, I thought that obviously wrong so called some people and realised that it was right. Next thing I know there are prime time TV advertisements saying to use the application. When you see a mail thread with some names you know how important and how high you application has reached. For couple of weeks in December the real time graph was my bloodstream. I had challenges on reducing app time from a second to shortest as it can be, where you thrive to make it app 10 millisecond faster than previously which is awesome. SQl query to generate the final report took couple of hours that was how big the load was. In the end what you needs to matter.

List of some applications I developed at Ideamart

Third party app developers

Facebook Ideamart is a example on how development community should and can work. You get to meet talk, chat with many interesting people. Best way to learn is to teach, to teach you know it, to know it you need to do it. As a intern I got to work with developers developing samples, tutorials and troubleshooting stuff. Good way to learn your people skills.

Clients ( Might not be the most accurate way to describe them )

In software companies you only get the requirements if better you get to work with them. Ideamart has clients from celebrities to charities and schools. Where get directly to work with. You also get requests internally to develop applications for internal or external purposes. Where you get to work with different departments like marketing, IT, QA etc.


Most important thing in a internship Ideamart team is a small team but has vast experience in the field. We went to out for many outings.

  • Tharanga - Japanese guy who always finds a way to keep the team laughing no matter the situation. Has a creative imagination ( Sorry debiting over Rs 1000 from you phone I was testing)

  • Shafraz (Developer evangelist at Dialog) - The Loud guy who cannot shut up.Everyonee knows shaf is in the house. Author of new sound scale shafcibels replacement of decibels.

  • Roshan Sapu - The SQL, Linux guru, loves mobile phones. Helps people with math problems can say anything more.

  • Geethan - Dialog historian, math prodigy ( He doesn’t like long distance drives ask people at pera for more info )

  • Sammani - Fellow intern who worked twice as hard as I did ( Sorry debiting over Rs 1000 from you phone I was testing )

  • Roshanth - Ideamart is his baby, Dialog veteran, marketing expert and has lot to teach about life and business.

  • Charith - Dialog legend technically knows every corner of Dialog. Keeps everyone laughing and WORKING more importantly.

  • Venura - Ideamart Choreographer.

Ideamart Internship was awesome experience. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a internship.