When building a large sms App it is kind of hard to keep track of or functions because mostly it is one big file there you need something some test to run and make sure you havent broken anything. Following is a sample.

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Video Tutorial

Sample Code

//Create Finch

$opt=new Finch(App Url,App ID);

    $opt=new Finch('http://localhost/dialog/listener.php', 'APP_000001');

// Create SMS Tests
 $optsms->assertmatchsms(Test Name,Message Sent,Message Expected);

    $optsms->assertmatchsms("First Message","hi start","This message is sent only to one user");

// Create USSD Tests
$optsms->assertmatchsms(Test Name,Message Sent,Message Expected,ussdoperation);

    $optussd->assertmatchussd("Main Menu",'123','1. One 2. Two 99. Exit','mo-init');

// Create Custom Tests
$optussd->customTest(Test Name , Test Message, Test True for passes );

Eg -:
    $optussd->customTest("Test DB","Test Works","false"); ```